Rafael Nadal attends the Postcode Lotteries gala, where the company donated €357 million to charity

Postcode Lotteries, partner of the Rafa Nadal Foundation since 2010, celebrated its annual gala on 15th February in Amsterdam. Rafael Nadal was present at the meeting, where he met with the actor and environmental activist Leonardo Dicaprio, another ambassador of the Dutch company. “I’m very impressed by the strong social commitment of Postcode Lotteries. It’s an honour to be an ambassador for the organisation, and I thank them for supporting my foundation,” said Nadal.

During the event, the company awarded €357 million to a total of 112 charity organisations. Aside from the annual contribution of €500,000 made to the Rafa Nadal Foundation, on this occasion Postcode Lotteries awarded an additional cheque of €500,000, which will go towards the expansion of the projects carried out at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centre.

Rafael Nadal received the contributions from the hand of Boudewijn Poelmann, the chief executive of Postcode Lotteries. Claudia Blasi, Director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, and Maria Francisca Perelló, Director of Projects, were also in attendance.

Strongly involved to social causes, Postcode Lotteries donates half of its income to organisations that work in and contribute to different areas; emergency relief, education, environment, infancy, health, etc. In total, the lottery has donated more than €5.4 billion to charity organisations since 1989.