Report 2017. Sporting values

The 2017 annual report of the Rafa Nadal Foundation is now available. The report includes the results of the different projects and the main activities and events carried out during the year, as well as detailing aspects relating to the financing and transparency of the organization, and much more.

“A particular aspect of the Foundation’s evolution in 2017 was the diversification of our work into three action areas: social integration, assistance for young people with learning disabilities, and talent promotion. in these three instances, our desire is to provide the necessary tools for children and young people to be able to forge better futures for themselves”, explains Ana Maria Parera, President.

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal concludes: “I never cease to be surprised to see how, through sport and education, we are able to improve the lives of so many children and young people, and of their families too. Here at the Foundation, we assist and accompany them to enable each and every one to give their very best. The true merit is theirs, but being part of their journey and contributing to their social and personal growth is a huge satisfaction”.

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