Online talk between Rafa Nadal and children from the Foundation through Kia Motors campaign #TakeOn20

Rafa Nadal had a virtual meeting with some of the children who attend the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Palma, in which they exchanged ideas about different topics. This is an initiative promoted by Kia Motors Corporation, for which Rafa Nadal is the brand global ambassador.

During the conversation, the tennis player explained, among other things, how he coped with the confinement and how he trained at home. Moreover, he told them about his experience in Paris when he won his 20th Grand Slam, which was played under entirely unusual conditions.

Kia brought the children together with Rafa Nadal as part of the #TakeOn20 campaign, which was launched in October and drove fans from all over the world to support Rafa for his 20th Grand Slam victory, even though they couldn’t physically travel to Paris to see him play. The campaign revealed how we all need support in this especially difficult year. Through the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Kia committed to providing additional support to those most in need.

Artur Martins, Head of Global Brand & Customer Experience at Kia Motors Corporation, praised the efforts from the Rafa Nadal Foundation and said: “We are very proud to have the opportunity to support the Rafa Nadal Foundation. They have been carrying out amazing work for ten years and we hope that our support keeps making a difference”.

You can see all questions and answers from the conversation between Rafa Nadal and the children here.