Rafael Nadal, awarded by the foreign correspondents for his work with the Foundation

The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents (AFPC), which has just reached 97 years of activity, celebrated its annual awards ceremony last Thursday, September 10th, in Madrid, where the effort of several leading figures and institutions from different fields has been recognized. Rafael Nadal was one of the award-winning, “for his social and humanitarian role through the Rafa Nadal Foundation”.

“This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary; ten years in which we have striven very hard to provide opportunities to people, in this case, to children at risk of social exclusion, besides other projects”, Nadal explained on a video that was shown during the event, in which he also apologized for his absence. On this occasion, Francisco de Bergia, one of Rafa Nadal Foundation’s trustees, has been the entity’s representative in charge of collecting the award.

Vicente Vallés, journalist, Antonio Zapatero, PhD., and Ifema, Thyssen Museum and the Association of the Most Beautiful Towns of Spain have been awarded as well. The mayor of Madrid and the president of the autonomous community, as well as other outstanding personalities from fields such as politics, sport, culture, tourism and, of course, journalism, were present at the event.