Summer School 2020 start-up at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers

The Summer Schools have started this week at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers in Palma and Valencia. This year, the activity program has been designed to meet the health guidelines and the emotional and physical needs of children and young who will participate.

We are presenting a comprehensive program in which children can both enjoy and learn through all kinds of recreational, cultural, educational and sports activities, which will also be adapted to the different maturation levels as well as to the children’s diverse tastes and interests, so they can feel involved while interacting and sharing experiences with other children of the same age.

This year, the activities in the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Palma will be focused on working on resilience, through activities and games that will benefit the individual and group well-being of the children. The common thread is the idea of “smile time”, used to encourage and focus attention on the smile. Additionally, a space of academic support has been included to compensate for the possible educational disadvantages and for preventing school dropout and failure next year.

The Summer School is the means by which we can attend the need to reconcile family and work life during the holidays as well as offering an appealing choice of healthy leisure for the vulnerable children who are assisted in our centers. This year, 120 children in Palma and 40 in Valencia will participate in the summer program.