Ten years promoting sport as a tool for social and personal development

We are celebrating a decade of work at the Rafa Nadal Foundation —ten years have passed since we launched our first projects in India and Spain. We have grown and made progress ever since, always through the use of sport as a means for social and personal development, and bringing the inherent learning and values of sports practice to underprivileged groups and contexts which are at risk of social exclusion.

Focusing on helping the children and young who live in vulnerable situations was the best decision that we could have made”, says Rafael Nadal. “I believe it’s essential that they learn how to give their best, to try hard… and enjoy while doing it. This is how I understand life, both on and off the court”, he adds.

On the other hand, María Francisca Perelló, director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, explains that “through sports, we foster positive values, skills and behaviors to meet the challenges of daily life and those related to the different contexts. We feed off the power of sports practice as a tool of empowerment and as a vehicle to learn”.