On November 4, the deadline for receiving applications for the Rafa Nadal Foundation Awards closed with a great success.

The 1st Rafa Nadal Foundation Awards become a reality thanks to the alliance with Telefónica.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation has received a total of 254 project proposals that apply to become the winners of the five categories included in the rules. A total of €75,000 will be distributed, divided into 5 prizes of €15,000 per category.

Sport: Projects or initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of groups at risk of social exclusion through sport.

Education: Projects or initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of groups at risk of social exclusion through education.

Health and Wellbeing: Projects or initiatives that improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups, affected by illness, physical, mental or intellectual disability.

Social Innovation: Projects that have managed to respond to a previously unattended problem or demand, or that have introduced a disruptive innovation in response to a problem or demand that has already been addressed.

Development Cooperation: Projects that generate opportunities to reduce poverty and contribute to the fight against inequalities in the countries with the lowest development index in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Projects have been received that serve different groups such as minors and young people, people in a situation of social vulnerability, people with functional diversity or groups affected by illnesses.

There is a huge variety of proposals, with different intervention systems, promoted by associations, federations, NGOs and foundations that work every day to improve the lives of many people and generate a truly transformative impact.

They are organizations with headquarters in different cities of the Spanish geography and that with their work have an impact in up to 40 countries, counting on international cooperation projects.

The jury is currently receiving all the applications and is beginning to deliberate to reach an agreement.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation will announce the winners on January 31, 2023 and during the following months an Awards Gala will be held, with a date to be determined.