On the occasion of World Children’s Day, the Rafa Nadal Foundation and the Athletic Club Foundation announce their alliance in the fight against violence against minors.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation has a policy for the protection of minors to safeguard the well-being of the boys and girls who are part of its projects, training has been given to professionals, they have a person in charge of protection, a code of conduct and a protocol action in case of any incident.

The Athletic Club Foundation develops the Aterpe Program, a pioneer in the world of elite sports, which lays the foundations for a comprehensive child protection policy, including elements of prevention, training and action protocols whose sole purpose is the well-being of all the boys and girls of your entity.

Both organizations are committed to this agreement that they make public on the occasion of the celebration of World Children’s Day to safeguard and protect the minors who are part of their projects and also claim the right of children around the world to be protected from any kind of violence.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation and the Athletic Club Foundation make public their commitment to the fight for the protection of minors against any type of violence within the sports field.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation decides to ally with the Athletic Club Foundation for its Aterpe program, a pioneer in the world of elite sports.

Within the framework of this commitment, all the professionals of the Rafa Nadal Foundation have received training related to the protection and good treatment of minors given by Iñaki Alonso, head of child protection at the Athletic Club Foundation. The objective of these sessions is to prevent, raise awareness and learn the protocols for action in the event of any need.

Within Organic Law 8/2021, of June 4, for the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence, several sections that affect the world of sport and its agents (Institutions, Federations, clubs, entities, professionals, volunteers).

Committing ethically and legally to the protection and good treatment of children is an obligation for the institutions, clubs and people who surround the practice of sports.

According to Iñaki Alonso Romero, head of child protection at the Athletic Club Foundation: “Sport should be a space for well-being, happiness and freedom for children. It is a tool that is essential for the integral development of childhood, and that can be used appropriately or inappropriately. The public institutions that govern sports, sports institutions, clubs, sports leaders, adults who surround children in their sports practice, have the responsibility to use this tool correctly”.

Eunate Gómez, project manager at the Rafa Nadal Foundation, assures: ”At the Rafa Nadal Foundation we are very aware and committed to guaranteeing protection against any type of violence that may affect the minors we care for. We know that the sporting and social field has an enormous responsibility in the development of boys and girls, which is why we strive to offer them a safe environment so that they grow up in the best possible conditions”.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation, in alliance with the Athletic Club Foundation, take a firm step in the defense and protection of minors, who must always be treated as subjects of law and be exempt from any type of violence in the family, social and of course, sporty.