The celebration of the end of the course of “Play All” this week has brought together more than 100 participating minors during the year of the program

The “Play All” programme, the result of the alliance between the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Fundació Tennis Barcelona and the support of Nike, has come to an end. The first edition of “Play All” has been closed this week with a very special event in the multi-sport space that Nike has in the Forum: “Play Now”.

The party has been the culmination of a great course. From October to June, “Play All” has given its participants the opportunity to discover tennis and cultivate their positive values, allowing them to transform their lives and open up new possibilities for personal and social development in a safe environment.

Through sports disciplines and cooperative games, the closing ceremony last Wednesday allowed minors to enjoy a great afternoon with stations on hip hop, tchoukball, korfball, basketball, and, of course, tennis.

The four fundamental values ​​that define the “Play All” program (commitment, effort, respect and sportsmanship) were also the protagonists of the meeting. The participants who rotated through the sports stations were able to experience and enjoy each activity associated with one of these values. In addition, a healthy snack was provided for everyone and a medal ceremony was held, thus recognizing individual and collective achievements throughout the course.

During its implementation, the “Play All” program has achieved important work by providing opportunities for minors at risk of social exclusion from vulnerable areas of the city of Barcelona. All minors are referred to social services and cared for by entities of social reference in the neighborhoods of La Marina, Vall d’Hebron, El Carmel and El Raval.

The effort and dedication of the coaches and educators at the closing party of “Play All” was the key to success. Nike, in its commitment to the community and sport, gave up the space to carry out the activities. The “Play Now” space works every weekend as an inclusion space open to the city.

The success of the first course of Play All demonstrates the importance of this type of program to provide opportunities for minors in vulnerable situations and promote a positive change in their lives.