The Rafa Nadal Foundation has been present at DEMOS 2023, a prominent forum driven by the Spanish Association of Foundations, bringing together foundations and representatives of civil society with the purpose of exploring solutions and responses to the current challenges facing society.

Fani Ginard, responsible for strategic partnerships at the Rafa Nadal Foundation, has attended this event that opens its doors to discuss and propose real solutions to the specific problems and needs of individuals and society at large.

In a context marked by ecological, digital, and social transitions, the full extent of which is still unknown, DEMOS becomes the appropriate stage to address necessary questions and provide examples, models, and references that inspire useful, original, and innovative responses.

In #DEMOS2023, the Rafa Nadal Foundation joins other foundations to share their roadmaps and commitments to the common good.

This event features the participation of professionals and experts from various fields such as research, science, culture, and the social sector, who share testimonials and examples of the value and social impact of the actions undertaken by different organizations. It is a unique opportunity to better understand the role that non-profit entities play in society and how they contribute to addressing contemporary challenges.

Pilar García Ceballos-Zúñiga, the president of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), highlighted the relevance of the philanthropic sector in Spain. She also announced the new board of directors and the adoption of a new decalogue that will promote the creation of alliances between foundations, fostering innovation not only in technology but also in how we approach the problems we deal with.

She emphasized the importance of talent and the need to develop new ways of facing social challenges. Sustainability, in its broadest sense, is also a central theme in #DEMOS2023, where discussions revolve around how foundations can contribute to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The president of the AEF emphasized that philanthropy must play a key role in building a more sustainable and just future for all.

#DEMOS2023 is one of the highlighted events in the framework of #October1Europe, the European Day of Foundations and Donors, under the theme “Building Tomorrow, Together.” This underscores the importance of European philanthropy as an essential pillar for building a common civic action and advancing the Europe of Citizens, especially at a time when the triple transition is accelerating.