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KIA Motors continues to support the Rafa Nadal Foundation

Kia Motors has renewed its partnership agreement with the Rafa Nadal Foundation "with which we have been working from the outset and we are also extremely proud of." In addition, tennis player Rafa Nadal and Kia Motors Iberia this morning signed the renewal of the international advertising and sponsorship agreement, which first began in 2004. The signing ceremony, at which the agreement was renewed for another four years, took place in the car company's head office in Madrid, and was attended by the player, the President of Kia Motors Iberia, Kevin Kim, and the company’s Managing Director, Raoul Picello.

The player used the ceremony as an opportunity to order the delivery of a Kia Picanto to Marisa Alonso, winner of the fundraising campaign "Sending an SMS is sending help," a campaign that will fund programmes organised by the Special Olympics, an international movement and non-profit organisation whose goal is to promote personal development and the integration of people with intellectual disability through sport.

In reference to the Foundation, Nadal stated that “it is a project which arose from the experience I had when collaborating with other organisations and it follows the idea of helping people who are most in need.” The Rafa Nadal Foundation was born in 2007 out of a desire by the player and his family to help people in need. Its aim is to give socially disadvantaged children and teenagers the chance of a future. Rafael Nadal, who is particularly sensitive to the problem, hopes to open up a path to opportunity for them.

Nadal commented that “at the moment I can´t devote as much time as I would like to the Foundation, but I’m grateful to my family and my work team for their efforts, which will enable me, when I have more free time, to get fully involved in the extraordinary work that they do.”

Rafa and the winner of the campaign
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