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4 'Magic Bubbles' for Special Olympics Foundation
4 'Magic Bubbles' for Special Olympics Foundation

Rafa has given the Special Olympics Foundation four "BUBBLE, pure air", the same ones which he has used in some cases in order to improve and speed up the recovery process after long matches.

Young sportspeople of Special Olympics will also be able to use this ingenious pure air system which was called “Magic Bubble” by the experts.

Currently, the serious pollution that affects the cities is the main cause of the reduction in the quality of the air we breathe. All this causes new and complex disorders in our cellular and respiratory system. Inside the "BUBBLE, pure air" by Zonair3d, the air that is breathed by the sportsperson is free of polluting particles, viral germs, bacteriological and allergenic, which prevents these particles to be retained – causing many diseases – and favouring the recovery process, reducing the possibilities of developing, among others, asthma on sportspeople.

For people who have 40% more risks of developing dysfunctions or low physical condition, these bubbles are really helpful. “More than tennis” developed by Rafa Nadal Foundation and Special Olympics Spain last year, will encourage integration for children and teenagers who suffer intellectual disabilities through a practice method which was not available for them before.

Moreover, with these bubbles, these children and teenagers, will not only enjoy and benefit from the experience of this sport, but will also be able to recover using the latest technology, in the same conditions as Rafa Nadal and other tennis players of the Spanish Tennis Federation, offering them a better future with more opportunities. More information

one of the BUBBLE, pure air Rafa Nadal has delivered
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