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Rafa in "Aprenem Junts"
Rafa in

Rafa Nadal, together with Xavi Torres (the greatest Spanish Paralympic athlete in history), is sponsor of the social integration programme for children with disabilities, entitled "Aprenem Junts" (Let's Learn Together). Since its inception he has been involved in several leisure, sports, and social initiatives to promote integration, coexistence, and tolerance in relation to the disabled, including:

A Tennis Clinic with Rafa Nadal; where Rafa was supported by more than 700 children from different parts of the island, aged between 3 and 11 years, with and without disabilities, who had a chance to participate in different tennis circuits, adapted to their ages, as well as enjoy the various exhibitions that took place throughout the morning. There was also a technical explanation of Wheelchair Tennis by Carlos Rodriguez, trainer at the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

One of the highlights of the day was when the Manacor-born champion, accompanied by his uncle and coach Toni Nadal, bounded onto the court to delight all the kids with the magic of his tennis. He shared the court with Gigi Peña and Laura Gibanel, two promises of Mallorcan women’s tennis, and Iván Da Silva and José Luís Montoya, two wheelchair-tennis greats, in 3rd and 6th position resectively in the national ranking. The tennis player shared smiles, autographs, and lot of affection among all the children who attended.

Get to Know Rafa Nadal; an event with Rafa and over 600 children, who had a chance to get to know the world-famous figure by asking questions. Through his responses, Rafa communicated the values of perseverance, humility, improvement, and respect; values that have accompanied him throughout his sporting career, and which reflect the spirit of the Iberostar Foundation programme that he sponsors.

In the presence of children with and without disabilities, represented by various Special Education, Infant, and Primary schools, Rafa Nadal showed his most human side in a moving gathering where the kids could ask their idol questions and share their concerns.

We are grateful to Iberostar Foundation for the photos in this section.

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