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Rafa Nadal Foundation creates a new tennis circuit that combines education and competition
Rafa Nadal Foundation creates a new tennis circuit that combines education and competition

On benefit of Rafa Nadal Foundation and promoted by the tennis player, has born Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE, a tennis circuit for young players that will take place during 2014 in Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid and will finish with a Final Master in Mallorca. This project add to the sports and competition side, the possibility of promoting values and educational aspects necessaries for an optimal personal growth, like the personal improvement, the effort, the respect, the confidence and the fellowship.

“It was long ago that I been thinking creating a project that allows me to share with the youngest all the things that tennis gives me, which are more than trophies. I always been clear that practice sport means too have some values, with this circuit, we want to maximize them between the young tennis players.” explains Rafael Nadal.

With categories SUB13 and SUB15 for male and female, the first stop of the circuit will take place on Sevilla, from March 14 to March 23. After this first stage, from May 23 until June 1 the circuit will be at Barcelona and at July 18 from July 27 it will be at Madrid. To the Final Master will access the seven best players from every category, this ultimate stage will take place at the place of birth of the tennis player and will be attended by him.

The Values Cup, which complements the rules and the conduct code, will encourage the learning of five educational keys at the same time that will punish all the acts opposite of them. Additionally, to intensify even more this message, every category will have an additional classified player for the final stage, that will be for the best tennis player on attitudes and behaviour work in the “Values’ Trainings” – which will take place on each previous tournaments- as well as with online activities.

Besides to becoming an excellent experience for the entire contenders, the celebration of this tournament will serve to raise funds for projects in the Rafa Nadal Foundation. “The participation of the young tennis players at the circuit will make possible that other kids who lives in socially disadvantaged situations, benefit too of the celebration of the tour”, says Ana María Parera, President of Rafa Nadal Foundation.

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