NETS – Nadal Educational Tennis School

The NETS project has been running since 2010 and we serve around 250 children from the most vulnerable areas of southern India every year.


The NETS center (Nadal Educational Tennis School) is located in Anantapur, one of the most vulnerable areas in India. Through this center we serve boys and girls from different disadvantaged communities, with the main objective of strengthening their social cohesion and integration, regardless of their condition.


The project contemplates both the practice and training of tennis, as well as the reinforcement of academic activities in English and computer science, in addition to offering minors a daily nutritional supplement and basic health coverage


Since 2010

Anantapur, India

250 minors each school year

Wheelchair adapted tennis

Through the adapted wheelchair tennis project, the aim is to continue promoting sport as a fundamental tool to combat discrimination, promote equality and tolerance and achieve the social integration of children with reduced mobility. The continued training of these boys and girls will improve their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

Since 2021

9 minors