Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers

We attend minors from the sports, educational and psychosocial fields


The Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers where the Education and Sports Project is carried out are located in vulnerable areas of Palma, Valencia and Madrid.

They cover neighborhoods that present a series of social problems related to the degradation of infrastructures, the low socioeconomic level of families and the increase in the immigrant population with great lack of access to resources normalized (social, economic, educational, sports…) and its inhabitants have difficulties in accessing work, few economic resources, lack of social skills, etc.


The intervention methodology is based on individualized and personalized attention to minors and their families with diverse needs and problems. And it is structured around 3 areas of intervention: Sports, Educational and Psychosocial.


In response to this social reality and the needs detected, the project’s direct beneficiaries are the group of children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 and their families, in a situation of poverty or at risk of social exclusion who present difficulties for their integration into society.


We work with the aim of providing, in the most complete way possible, the tools for the correct personal and social development of minors and their environment.

Impact on the environment

At the same time, our work has a direct impact on the environment where the centers are located and we contribute to revitalizing the neighborhoods and areas close to them, assuming a quality educational benchmark for families, educational centers and the entities or social administrations with which we maintain continued coordination.

Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers



Since 2014

La Soledat-Nou Llevant

250 minors each school year



Since 2019


100 minors each school year



Since 2021


100 minors each school year

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