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Page Background

and recreational alternative during the Christmas holidays, Holy

Week and summer.


During the 2015/2016 school year, the project not only gave the

participating children guaranteed access to sport and healthy

leisure time, but also worked to instil values in them through the

practice of sport. Indeed, the socio-educational support we gave

them facilitated their socialisation and scholastic development.

This psychosocial support stimulated their maturation and personal

learning processes. Other achievements included improvements

in hygiene, learning to live in a group, respect for rules and the

acquisition of healthy habits.

“We far exceeded the objectives that had been set. Not only have

we provided a place to work on values and share knowledge, but

we are starting to be considered a point of reference for families,

schools and professionals in the sports and social fields.”.


Gómez, Manager of the Centre.

Since the beginning of the school year, 100% of the available slots

have been filled, thereby underscoring the need for the attention

and services that the Centre provides. It should also be noted that

in the satisfaction surveys completed, 83% of the children and 86%

of the families rated the attention received at the Centre as VERY


During the 2015/2016 school year, the Rafa Nadal Foundation

Centre taught a comprehensive programme aimed at children and

young people from two of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods

in Palma de Mallorca. The aim was to supplement their school

education using sports, educational and psychological support as

the main tools.


The project carried out activities within three spheres (socio-

educational, sports and psychotherapeutic), including the following:

• School and educational support.

• The practice of sport, always with an educational approach

and as a way to instil attitudes and values.

• Family days, with activities designed for the whole family to


• Dynamics of personal development: cognitive, affective,

communicative and emotional.

• Workshops on affective and sexual education, hygiene,

nutrition, the environment, etc.

• Individual therapy for children with special problems and


• Family counselling and consulting.

Moreover, special activities were developed with a more

entertaining approach to provide an educational, sports-related

Rafa Nadal Foundation Centre

The project guarantees

access to sports and

provides educational

and psychotherapeutic