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Page Background

Working together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the Anantapur Educational Centre

took in 170 boys and girls from this impoverished area of India. The project includes both

tennis training and practice and support for the children’s scholastic studies (English and

IT). It also provides the young beneficiaries with a daily nutritional supplement and basic

healthcare coverage.

The children’s social integration and cohesion, irrespective of caste, gender or age, is one

of the main objectives of the project. The practice of sport is the vehicle used to achieve

this goal.


During the 2015/2016 school year, the boys and girls who participated in the project


• Tennis training and practice before and/or after school hours.

• English and IT lessons. The acquisition and enhancement of this knowledge is key to

laying the foundations for a more hopeful future.

• Daily nutritional supplement. Addition of new foods, like veggie puffs.

• Medical check-ups (two during the school year) and monitoring of the children’s

physical health. Children with specific problems were referred to a specialist doctor.

• Participation in tennis tournaments and competitions, both on the premises and

outside Anantapur. Notable were the Sunday Matches, played once per month.

• Participation of some children in AITA tournaments, the official tennis association

of India.

• Attendance of a Summer Camp in

May 2016.

• Performance of special cultural and

leisure activities like the celebration

of the 5th anniversary of the school,

the celebration of Children’s Day,

the recording of a lip dub and the

commemoration of World Water Day.

Three mini tennis courts were built during

the school year, thereby fitting out a space

that could be adapted to the younger

students’ level and needs. Both the coaches

and the teachers received training from

Anantapur Educational Centre

Tennis training and

scholastic support

are complemented

by a nutritional

programme and

healthcare coverage

“We focus on their

manners, so they

know how to behave,

learn the rules and

relate to each other

at the same time.”

Narsimha, tennis coach