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practiced basic tennis techniques. Each session began with a warm-up, followed by

training based on training plans adapted to their needs and finally tennis matches against

fellow students.

Alongside the weekly training sessions, we promoted the young people’s participation in

international tournaments. Specifically, in 2016, some of the athletes who formed part of

the More than Tennis programme competed in:

Special Olympics International

Tennis Tournament 2016


2-3 July), with the participation of

athletes from Castile and Leon.




(Germany, 30 September - 3

October), in which athletes from

Madrid participated.

Reus Special Olympics 2016


November). Eighty (80) of the 800

athletes who participated in this

important European event were

beneficiaries of the More than Tennis


In cooperation with Special Olympics Spain,

the More than Tennis project offers young

people with intellectual disabilities the

opportunity to practice this sport, working

on physical training and coordination as

well as intellectual and social aspects. The

project provides the participants with a

place to share experiences, make friends,

have a good time, improve themselves

and get better every day, boost their self-

esteem, etc.

More than Tennis was implemented in 17

schools during the 2015/2016 school year,

spread out over seven Spanish Autonomous



The participants attended an average of

50 sessions (two per week) in which they

More than Tennis

“It is a pleasure

to see your son

improving by


in the project.”

Family member

“It’s amazing.

It’s the best

thing that ever

happened to us.”