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The project revolves around the practice of sports activities that:

• Promote better management of free time and leisure, like

indoor and outdoor games.

• Inspire individual motivation and self-improvement, like

swimming, chess or participating in popular races.

• Encourage fellowship and teamwork, like the practice of

group sports such as basketball and football.

Activities focused on self-awareness and emotional expression

were also conducted throughout the year, in addition to relaxation

workshops and individual tutorials; activities that foster

responsibility and independence, like assemblies; activities centred

on hygiene and nutritional education; and activities to instil values.

In order to improve how they socialise and relate to others, the

children participated in activities that promoted interaction with

the environment, like cultural and recreational outings. Integration

and Sport also provided the children with snacks and educational

support and guidance.

Finally, the project included activities with the children and

young people’s families like family outings, assemblies, training

workshops, family sport sessions and more.

The 2015/2016 school year was the fifth year of the Integration and

Sport project, carried out together with SOS Children’s Villages.

This programme focuses on vulnerable children and young people

from Barcelona, Granada and Zaragoza and its main objective is to

contribute to their personal and social development through the

practice of sport and the promotion of healthy habits, including

hygiene, emotional self-control, self-awareness and more.

The IntegrationandSport project also improveshowtheparticipating

children socialise and relate to others, working on aspects such as

conflict resolution, education in values, social abilities and more. It

also promotes family dynamics through guidance, counselling and

awareness-raising among families about caring for and instilling

values in their children.

Integration and Sport

“Working with the

children is fantastic

and the activities

for parents are

also very fun and


Family member

We give the children

the chance to express

themselves, to be

heard and to become

agents for change