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Rafael Nadal and his mother, Ana María Parera, were the driving force behind the creation

of the Foundation. Today, they lead the organisation as Founding Patron and President,

respectively. The involvement and commitment of both to the organisation is an essential

part of it.

In addition to Rafael Nadal, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees is made up of his parents

and notable business figures who share his philosophy and values of solidarity. The

organisational chart is completed with a team of professionals from different fields who

perform the Foundation’s daily activities.

Finally, a total of 97 people, including coordinators, educators, coaches, specialists, social

workers, volunteers and more form part of the various projects carried out by the Rafa

Nadal Foundation.

About us


The Rafa Nadal Foundation provides educational and sport programmes to socially

disadvantaged children and young people. The organisation’s different projects in Spain

and India use sport as a tool for encouraging the beneficiaries’ personal development

and integration, while working on values like hard work, fellowship, equality and respect.

Alongside its social action programmes, the Rafa Nadal Foundation offers young Spanish

people the chance to combine studies and sport by awarding grants.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation is a private and independent non-profit organisation created

in 2008.

Sport is used as a

tool for education

and personal


Rafael Nadal and

his mother, Ana

María Parera,

were the driving

force behind the