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Friends of the Foundation

In addition to one-off donations, the organisation enjoys the support

of the Friends of the Foundation, consisting of people, families and

companies that support it periodically.

Charity products

In 2016, the Rafa Nadal Foundation launched a new line of charity

products that stand out for their child-friendly design. These

products include notebooks, pencils, key chains, fridge magnets

and more. A significant part of the profits generated by the sale of

these products, which join those with a corporate design, go to the

projects of the Foundation.


Companies and individuals made various donations to the

Foundation in 2016. Especially prominent was the donation made

by Richard Mille resulting from the sale of a special edition watch

and the donation received from the Canadian Media Education


Also notable was the donation made by Amiral Gestión, which

consisted of the profits earned during the 2nd edition of the Sextant

Golf Trophy and the Robinson Classic Golf Tournament. It was the

fourth year in a row that the company gave these profits to the


PlayStation is another company that made a donation during the

year, in this case a result of the charity bazaar held in March.

The Director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Claudia Blasi, receiving a

donation from Amiral Gestión

The President of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Ana María Parera, and the

Projects Director, Maria Francisca Perelló, receiving a donation as part of

the 28th Robinson Classic Golf Tournament