Sara Andrés, here and now

Last Friday at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Palma de Mallorca we received the visit of Sara Andrés Barrio, a Paralympic athlete who competes in speed and long jump events in international athletics competitions.

She participated in the 2016 and 2020 Summer Paralympics. She is a double world bronze medalist and her passion for the sport is contagious. In addition, she is an ambassador for one of our most important allies, Cantabria Labs, which shares the foundation’s values ​​and believes, like us, in the transformative power of sport.

Sara is a woman with an eternal smile and enormous sympathy, who manages to transmit great life lessons to children through her personal story.

“I’d rather not have feet and know where I’m going, than have them and be lost”

OVERCOMING in capital letters is the word that best defines this athlete and educator, who has managed to reach the hearts of the children, families and team of the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Palma de Mallorca.

With her talk, full of hope, positivity and sincerity, she connects with everyone who listens to her and encourages you to achieve what you set out to do. It reminds us of the importance of being humble, patient and living in the present.

“HERE AND NOW” is one of his life mottos and also the phrase that we wanted to put on the wall of our Rafa Nadal Foundation Center so that all minors read it when they arrive.

Last year, part of the center’s team had the opportunity to meet Sara and inspired by her story, they took this learning and turned it into a huge mural that decorates the main wall of the center.

During this visit to Palma de Mallorca, Sara knew that she had had an impact on us, that we follow her advice every day and that we apply it to our work with the 250 minors we attend.

Thank you, Sara, for reminding us that the most important thing is HERE AND NOW!

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