Transformative impact

Every small step we take at the foundation is done with the certainty that our work will help the most vulnerable people. Behind each project there are human beings, life stories that drive us to give answers and seek solutions to the different problems we encounter.

For this reason, each of the initiatives we carry out has people as its central axis and our commitment is with them. We work to guarantee equal opportunities for all the groups we serve. We want to generate a transformative impact.

Sports and education are our fundamental pillars for that transformation that will make children and adolescents go as far as they propose. For all this, at the foundation we create and co-design programs in Spain and India together with experts and partners. With our work we want to provide inclusive access to education, move towards reducing inequalities and guarantee the good health and well-being of all the people we serve.

Our goal is also to identify the unique talent in each of them, and to support and assist them in all matters related to their full physical, psychological and emotional development.

We develop different projects in Spain and India with which we directly contribute to achieving four of the 17 most important Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn become our four great impact axes.

The promotion of the practice of regular physical activity is one of the bases of all our projects. We encourage minors and young people to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, accompanied by adequate hygiene and nutrition, and we defend the physical, psychological and social benefits of practicing sport.
Quality education is not only academic education, it also includes non-formal education, values ​​education, physical education and emotional education. Aspects that we work on in all our projects, always using sport as the driving vehicle.
We promote access to equal opportunities for all our beneficiaries regardless of their condition, thus contributing to their inclusion within society.
Our work system has always been based on relying on collaborators, allies and other institutions to network for the same goal and maximize our reach.