The positive impact of the More Than Tennis program with inspiring testimonials

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation, we are excited to share the recent achievements of the More Than Tennis program, a transformative initiative we developed in collaboration with Special Olympics that promotes inclusion and personal development for individuals with intellectual disabilities through tennis.

This year, a total of 401 athletes directly benefit from the program, including 354 Special Olympics athletes and 47 unified athletes.

We have welcomed 40 new participants while 17 athletes have completed their participation for various reasons.

We operate in 28 schools across multiple autonomous communities and are present in 11 autonomous communities throughout Spain. Additionally, a total of 218 individuals benefit indirectly from the program.

Distribution of Direct Beneficiaries:

• 93 athletes are aged between 8 and 20

• 143 athletes are aged between 21 and 30

• 85 athletes are aged between 31 and 40

• 80 athletes are aged over 41

• Male athletes: 264

• Female athletes: 137

This year, we expanded the program by opening three new schools in Aragón (Monzón Huesca), Balearic Islands (Menorca), and the Region of Murcia (Prometeo), adding a total of 21 new athletes to the program.

Existing schools are well-established and fully operational, and new additions are excited to be part of this project under the umbrella of the Rafa Nadal Foundation and Special Olympics Spain.

David Fuentes Auzmendi (Tarragona): “The More Than Tennis program gives me enthusiasm to attend training. It keeps me busy in the afternoon, and I have significantly improved my body coordination.”

Francisco Oñate Roca (Lleida): “On training Wednesdays, I wake up happy and motivated thanks to the program.”

Marcos Esteban Picazo (Castilla la Mancha): “I have experienced significant improvements in my serve and backhand technique, thanks to More Than Tennis.”

These testimonials exemplify the positive impact the program has on the lives of our participants. We remain committed to strengthening inclusion and development through sports.

Through the More Than Tennis project, we promote the practice of tennis among young people with intellectual disabilities.

Beyond improving psychomotor skills, such as dexterity and coordination, athletes in our program develop fundamental attitudes and behaviors, such as effort and perseverance. Additionally, they acquire healthy habits that contribute to their overall well-being and reinforce their sense of belonging and integration into society.

With More Than Tennis, we create a safe and enriching space where participants can share experiences, cultivate friendships, enjoy themselves, and improve day by day. This program not only enhances tennis skills but also strengthens self-esteem and promotes an active and positive lifestyle for all involved.

In summary, More Than Tennis is more than just a sports program; it is a platform that promotes personal growth, inclusion, and comprehensive development for our young athletes with intellectual disabilities.

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