Connecting Generations at the Easter School of the CFRN in Palma

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Palma, every moment is an opportunity to create meaningful connections and transformative experiences.

During the recent Easter School, we had the privilege of organizing a special activity that brought together two generations in a unique and enriching way: a visit to the Can Ribes Day Center for elderly individuals.

This initiative had a clear purpose: to foster connections between generations and provide the children and adolescents we serve with an intergenerational experience that offered tangible and emotional benefits.

We visited the Can Ribes Day Center, where our young participants had the opportunity to interact with elderly members of our community. It was a magical encounter filled with the exchange of stories, smiles, and mutual affection. The elderly shared their life experiences, imparting wisdom to the children, who in turn showed them youthful enthusiasm and energy.

This intergenerational activity not only provided fun and learning but also contributed to community integration and the emotional well-being of all participants. The Rafa Nadal Foundation takes pride in facilitating experiences like this that transcend generational barriers and enrich the social fabric of our community.

We are grateful for the warm welcome and collaboration of the Can Ribes Day Center, whose residents shared their time and knowledge with us in such a special way. This experience reminded us of the value of building bridges between different stages of life and the importance of celebrating generational diversity.

Our Easter School program focused on three core pillars: interaction with elderly individuals, exploration of nature, and participation in sports activities.

The children from the center enjoyed a mountain hike, where they explored the natural surroundings, learned about local flora and fauna, and savored the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors. This experience not only stimulated their curiosity about the world around them but also allowed them to disconnect from routine and connect with the natural beauty of our island.

Additionally, at our center, we organized special educational activities and sports to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Arts and crafts to cooperative and recreational games.

The Easter School was a comprehensive experience of healthy leisure that became a great alternative for families on days when children are not in school.

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