Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015

The certifier “Bureau Veritas Certification”, of international scope and consolidated prestige, guarantees compliance with the principles of quality and therefore of all the requirements derived from the standard ISO 9001: 2015 “Management Systems of Quality: Requirements”.

Compliance with this rule means that the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center, managed by Fundación Diagrama:

  1. It has developed all its actions and processes based on planning which, in turn, has taken into account what the organization and its context are like and what all the needs and expectations are of its stakeholders.
    This planning entails, as is evident, a determination of objectives at all levels of the organization (strategic and operational) and the establishment of a system of indicators That allow to conclude, after its measurement, if the objectives set are being met.
  2. It does what was planned, and not other things that divert it from the achievement of the proposed objectives.
  3. It measures all the essential tasks and activities for the proper development of the processes and the achievement of the proposed objectives. Specifically, the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center measures its objectives and indicators monthly and every six months; performs internal and external audits as checking tools of all its processes; and reviews all its management annually (review of the system by management), which is also an instrument to take the pulse of the organization.
  4. It reacts to the conclusions obtained from the measurements carried out so that the entire management system obtains results that meet the needs and expectations of the interested parties for having been able to offer an optimal, excellent service.
  5. The Center’s Management is committed to and involved in the quality management process, since it implies a focus, on its part, clearly towards continuous improvement, which is, ultimately, the goal of this quality management system.