Wheelchair Tennis Clinic at the NETS Project

During the first days of May, a wheelchair tennis clinic was held as part of the Nadal Educational Tennis School (NETS) project, developed by the Rafa Nadal Foundation and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur, India.

This initiative, now in its 14th year of joint work, was enriched by the special participation of Mario Roque, a prominent wheelchair tennis player.

Mario Roque, who is visiting Anantapur, shared his experience after spending 10 days at NETS, where he focused on training with the group of children with motor disabilities. “I feel very proud of this experience and of learning with the children, because sometimes they teach me more things than I can teach them,” Roque expressed.

The clinic not only focused on improving wheelchair tennis technical skills but also on fundamental aspects such as mobility and teamwork. Roque mentioned that they focused on improving wheelchair mobility by driving backward with hands, among other exercises.

It has been ten days of fun and dynamic sessions where we worked on skills such as precision, with throwing and targeting games, coordination, with movement exercises, and even communication among the different participants, with cooperative dynamics.

Roque emphasized the importance of being present in these types of initiatives and expressed his desire to return soon to see the progress of the participants. “It is very important to be here, it makes me happy. I hope to be able to return soon to see their progress,” shared the player.

Mario Roque’s message to the participants was inspiring: “I always say that you have to smile, be happy, and work hard. Because these children, like me, have more difficulties, but if they work hard, they can achieve whatever they set as a goal. The most important thing is to focus on being good people and enjoying life.”

The wheelchair tennis clinic and the work with the group of children with motor disabilities who enjoy practicing their favorite sport in our facilities every day represent a significant initiative in the ongoing commitment of the Rafa Nadal Foundation and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to the inclusion and comprehensive development of people with physical disabilities through sports.

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