Emotional education in the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers

Emotional education is fundamental so that boys and girls learn to identify their feelings and can correctly manage frustration.

Emotional education helps minors gain autonomy and lose their fear of communicating what worries them.

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who care for boys and girls from the sports, educational and psychosocial fields.

The ultimate goal sought with this comprehensive intervention strategy is to promote the protection of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, guaranteeing their personal, family and social development. This will be achieved through the strengthening of their family relationships, the educational environment and the relationship between equals.

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers in Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Madrid, we offer minors and their families the possibility of receiving psychological care and support with the aim of improving their family dynamics and providing them with tools to manage any problem that may arise.

Emotions are our alarm system and it is activated when something out of the ordinary happens. It is an adaptive resource that human beings present, and that gives priority to the most relevant information for each one, thus activating different processes that will allow us to give an answer.

In the field of emotional education, we use different tools to work with minors, such as “The Color Monster”, a book that addresses the subject of emotions with great originality, freshness and simplicity.

The Color Monster is an excellent teaching resource that helps identify each emotion with a color. In this way it is very easy for boys and girls to be able to represent emotions graphically and name them.

The color yellow describes a feeling of happiness and well-being, often related to a positive event: joy.

The blue color refers to the emotional pain that arises when expectations are not met or unpleasant circumstances are experienced: sadness

The color red is expressed through reactions such as resentment, irritability, fury or violence: anger

The color black is characterized by a feeling of overwhelm, anxiety and restlessness that can sometimes become paralyzing: fear

The color green refers to a pleasant sensation of tranquility in which we think more clearly and are aware of what is happening around us: peace

The color pink represents a feeling of care and affection, such as love or friendship.

These types of activities are very useful for the team of psychologists at the centers, because it allows them to get to know the minors better and thus provide more personalized support. In addition, to offer them an emotional education that allows them to better manage any problem they may have.

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation, we are aware of the importance of good emotional development, which directly influences the well-being of minors and their families.

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