Kia Clubhouse Experience

On the occasion of the celebration of the Australian Open, the boys and girls of the Rafa Nadal Foundation have been able to live an incredible experience in Melbourne at the hands of Kia.

“Kia Clubhouse Experience” has given them the opportunity to enjoy different sporting and cultural activities related to the Australian Open.

Twelve minors from the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers in Palma de Mallorca and Valencia, together with six boys and girls from the NETS project in India, have been the lucky 18 who have been able to experience this unforgettable adventure: a week in Melbourne, invited by Kia, enjoying from the most European city in Australia, its landscapes, its gastronomy, the impressive setting of the Australian Open, and of course, a lot of sport and culture.

Thanks to the firm alliance that Rafael Nadal and the Rafa Nadal Foundation maintain with Kia, this dream has been able to come true for this group of minors in vulnerable situations that we serve in our projects.

Jhovanny, Seydina, Dani, Sergi, Dana, Ibti, Salma, Julexy, Alejandro, Steven, Yasmine, Juliette, Kiran, Keerthana, Neeraja, Kripal, Karthik and Kumar, are the names of the minors who have been part of what will probably be, one of the best experiences of your life.

The Kia team organized five intense days of activities ideal for minors, who have learned, among other things, to live with each other and to know how to be. A trip like this will impact their lives in an integral way, since we have managed to open their eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Taking an intercontinental plane, staying in a great hotel, meeting colleagues from other projects, interacting in English, discovering new cultures and living the emotion of a Grand Slam firsthand, are experiences that will mark them forever and that will certainly influence their development.

Kia says that “movement inspires” and with actions like this, we can guarantee it 100%. This group of boys and girls will grow up knowing that the world is big, that there are opportunities for those who strive to achieve their goals and that if they want, they can.

During this week we visited the Zoo, where we were able to see animals that only exist in Australia, such as the koala, the kangaroo or the wallabee. A unique activity that we lived to the fullest and in which we learned curiosities about these very special animals.

We also get closer to the street art culture, very present in Melbourne, guided by a street artist who showed us the most curious and artistic corners of the city. We were able to see streets full of graffiti and urban art, which impressed the minors with their colors and shapes.

Another day we participated in a tennis clinic with professional coaches of this sport that we love so much, in addition to painting, together with other artists, two murals dedicated to Rafael Nadal.

We also had the opportunity to take part in an Australian cooking workshop, in which we learned to prepare some typical dishes of the gastronomy of this country.

And of course, we had the chance to enter the Australian Open facilities, to see some corners that few people have access to, to participate in different activations promoted by Kia and, of course, to attend a match at the Rod Laver Arena.

It has been a round week, in which the boys and girls have taken advantage of every minute. From here, we want to thank Kia once again for making this truly transformative initiative possible. THANK YOU!

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