Preparing for the New Course of the Play All Project

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation, we are excited to kick off a new course of the Play All project, and to ensure that this year is a success, we have organized an intensive training session for our sports coaches.

We have moved to a very special location: the “Rafa Nadal Room” in the offices of our main ally, Nike. It’s an inspiring and energy-filled environment where the team has immersed themselves in a day to learn every detail of the program.

From the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Eunate Gómez, head of projects, shared a brief overview of all the work we do using sports as a tool for social transformation in our five active projects.

Anna Turull, from the Fundació Tennis Barcelona, the main partner of the Play All project, also spoke and explained the mission and vision of her foundation in bringing tennis to different young people in vulnerable situations in the city of Barcelona.

In addition, our project technicians, Xisco Mercadal and Alberto López, have taken charge of conveying all the technical aspects of the project and session planning.

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation, we believe that sports are a powerful educational tool, and this is what we instill in the Play All project.

In “Play All” we work on four fundamental values: sportsmanship, commitment, effort, and teamwork. These values are the foundation of our approach and guide everything we do in Play All. Furthermore, we add a cross-cutting value that will accompany us throughout the year: respect.

The working methodology of the Play All project is centered on the children we serve. We divide sessions into three key parts: the session’s start, the work itself, and reflection. We begin each session by gathering the group in a circle, which allows us to connect and chat with them. Then, we conduct dynamic sports sessions where the children are in continuous motion.

Finally, to wrap up the activity, we dedicate time to reflect on the values we are working on and provide practical examples for applying them in their daily lives. This is an effective way to ensure that the children internalize the lessons.

In these training sessions, our technicians learn how to plan sessions, measure the impact of our work, and effectively utilize the available materials.

We are confident that this training will provide them with the necessary tools to create a conducive environment for the children’s development.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this special start to the course. We eagerly anticipate this new year. Let’s continue working together to provide a better future for them through sports and the values we share.

Let Play All begin!

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