The Rafa Nadal Foundation, an ally in the fight against child poverty in Spain

On February 3rd, the High Commissioner against Child Poverty presented the Alianza País Pobreza Infantil Cero (Country Alliance for Zero Child Poverty), an initiative that has more than 75 allies, including the Rafa Nadal Foundation. With 27.4% of children at risk of child poverty in Spain, this project aims to change the direction of this situation through collaboration among the Administration, companies, foundations and the third sector.

The Alianza País Pobreza Infantil Cero (Country Alliance for Zero Child Poverty) was created with two goals: to guarantee inclusive, quality education, and to build healthy, positive and safe environments. As part of this project, the High Commissioner against Child Poverty has set itself several challenges: to boost educational achievement, to enhance talent, to break the digital gap, to ensure a balanced physical, psychological and social health, to promote a safe and protective environment, and encourage participation with equity.

The Rafa Nadal Foundation, with more than ten years of experience, will contribute and join efforts to achieve these objectives, based on its projects of education and development through sport.

Breaking the cycle of child poverty means social justice: all children have the right to grow up healthy, safe and happy, regardless of their origin.