Fallas week at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Valencia

The boys and girls of the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Valencia have enjoyed a special week on the occasion of the celebration of Las Fallas.

At the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers we offer a healthy leisure alternative to the minors we care for when they are on school vacation, to facilitate family reconciliation.

It has been a week full of fun and different experiences that the minors have made the most of.

We have visited the Ninot Exhibition in the City of Arts and Sciences where there are hundreds of figures that make up the Fallas monuments. All are ceded by the Fallas commissions of Valencia.

Both minors and families have really enjoyed visiting these Valencian works of art and soaking up the tradition.

We have also made an outing to the Astros Baseball Club, where the minors have been able to practice this fun sport in a professional field. At the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centers we try to bring boys and girls closer to different sports disciplines so that they can choose what they like best.

By offering multi-sport activities we manage to promote the practice of sport among minors, we promote their self-esteem when they find an activity in which they are more skilled and we also promote a healthy life.

In addition, we have also been able to organize an excursion through the city of Valencia discovering the different Fallas in the area.

And of course, we have organized artistic activities, family meals, street games and much more. It has been a spectacular experience!

The minors at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center in Valencia have become authentic falleros, taking part in this very important week for the Valencian Community, learning together, strengthening ties with the team and reinforcing their feeling of belonging in the Nazareth neighbourhood.

Mr. Pirotècnic, to start the mascletà!

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